Dutch cafes in Amsterdam



There is a list of Dutch cafes in the Amsterdam. Abraxas Café is a famous one which is located in a set of monumental buildings. It was opened in the year 1992 and became more popular among the folks in a shorter period of time. Its atmosphere is totally a different one and here the floors of the shop are totally integrated with the attractive colors. The couches are lower one and the folks can relax for a longer period of time. For the entertainment purpose; internet facilities are available. Next, 420 Café Shop is located at the shorter distance from the Central station and it is one of the preferable shops by most of the tourists. Here, there is a visible screen and the tables are large in order to better suit for the groups. Here the lovely music is played by the musicians such as rock music and classical music etc. Actually, it is located on the Ouderbrugsteeg which leads between the Central Station and the Dam Square.