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Amsterdam counts a list of coffee shops and most of the coffee shops are located in the major locations. It is said to be that each of the Amsterdam coffee shops has a peaceful atmosphere. Coffee shops are the best places to meet the folks and spend some quality with their friends and colleagues. Playing games or watching TV, listening to music can be done here in a more relaxed manner. It is popularly known to be that the Netherlands is a liberal country due to the allowance of the cannabis consumption. It is better to gain a deeper knowledge of the Dutch law and the rules and regulations inside a coffee shop.There are several Amsterdam weed laws which include the following ones. Here, in Amsterdam the possession of the drugs is illegal and it is punishable too. The hard drugs are not allowed inside this place and at the same time the import and export of drugs also illegal. The folks cannot smoke in the public places; on the other side of the coin, the folks can smoke weed only in the Amsterdam coffee shops. One cannot grow the weed at the residential places and industrial places.

Protocols of Amsterdam Coffee Shop

The folks in the Amsterdam should be aware of the certain rules while entering the coffee shop. The folks must be eighteen years older or twenty-one years old in some of the establishment and they should have the passport or the concerned ID. They are allowed to enter only twice a day maximum to the same coffee shop and they can buy the maximum of five grams per day. Both alcohol and the cigarettes are forbidden and at any cause, the folks should not cause any nuisance. As it was said before, the use of the hard drugs is strictly forbidden.

How coffee shops came into existence in Amsterdam?

Initially, the Amsterdam coffee shops are totally different one from the cafes. It has been said that the Amsterdam coffee shops have existed only in few legal areas. In the earlier period of 1970’s, both the weed and the hashish were illegal at that time. In the year 1972, the first coffee shop named Mellow Yellow was inaugurated. A place is known to be the tea house where the folks can buy and smoke weed in an illegal manner.

What are the places to be visited in Amsterdam?


Amsterdam is a compact city that invites exploration and it is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. It is popularly known to be the “Venice of the North” and it has more than a hundred canals. There is a list of places to be visited in Amsterdam. First, Koninklijk Paleis is located on the western side of the Dam Square which is located in the main center of the city with uber taxi application. This palace is used by the Dutch Royal House in case of any Royal events and at the same time, it is open to the public for most of the year.The canals of the Amsterdam were built during the 17th century in order to control the flow of the Amstel River and at the same time to showcase the mansions as well. It is said to be that the canals are the home to two thousand houseboats. The tour operators offer a list of the cruises which includes the hour-long excursions to the candlelight cruises. Next, Rijksmuseum is one of the important museums and the total collection include about more than one million artifacts.

The real fact is that it was opened in the year 1885 and it has around eight thousand objects on the total display. Most of the paintings were done by the Rembrandt, Frans Hals including the Johannes Vermeer. Van Gogh Museum is famous for its artist’s paintings and letters which is located on the northwestern side of the Museum Square. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Amsterdam and it was built in the year 1970. On the other side of the flip artists like Millet, Gaugin and Daubigny works are also involved. Begijnhof occupies the major circle of the land in the Amsterdam’s circular canal system.

At the same time, it is also home to the English Reformed Church which was built in the year 1932. Anne Frank Huis the most famous place and it is situated along the Prinsengracht canal. In the year 1955, the developers planned to demolish the structure and it was opened in the year 1960. The folks can visit the place where great Anne lived. Bloemenmarkt a famous floating flower market globally which is located between the Muntplein and Koningsplein. It was founded in the year 1862 and there many different florists, garden shops including the souvenir stall. There is a list of local shops and it is mainly designed to zuket cater to tourists. Here the folks can purchase tulip, daffodil and many other bulbs. Vondelpark opened in the year 1865 and it is located to the west of the city’s Museum Square. Initially, it was designed and crafted by the great Louis Royer and it is served as the popular gathering spot for both local people and the tourist. It is the best place where the folks can relax, play games on the grass, cycling etc.